Saturday, January 22, 2011

haPPy SwEtT 19th BirthDay LiLyPeLaNgi !!

tik tok tik tok . . .
21 january 2011 ;
selamat hari tue . .
saya sudah tua laa.ta percaya tul T.T
ta nk tue~ :p

lily da besar . . 
semoga lily jadi org yg lebih tabah 
dalam menempuh dugaan . . kn3?

tahun nie paling simple coz ta smbut birthday..hahahaa.
but im happy compared last year.
im must be more matured . .
thanx 4 all people that remembered my birthday and wish 4 me
love u guys!
n sowie if anyone had missunderstandood about anything . .

this is present from my twinx that always me with me..
thanx dear . .


APi said...

bufday to happy u lily..^^

bungaLily said...

har3. . maceh ;)

ain revival said...

hepi belated bessday yer dear..
may Allah bless u..=))

bungaLily said...

tq shayunk! :p