Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Name :
zainul amar zholkhornain

D.O.B :
10 sept 1992

fav colour :
purple ( sweet memories )

hobies :
 ♥ edit pix 
 ♥ round da world ( singler rider )
♥ kenakan kawan2
♥ love to scared me at nite

siblings :
 3 heroes
• Zainul Arifin
• Zainul Amin
• Zainul Amar

About him ( in my side ) : he is a gud boy, discipline, hardworking, caring, love his family and frens,attractive,smart, ensem, have his own style, but sometimes..he is very stubborn.! hoho

what i like about him most :
• when he is smilling and looking into my eyes
( huuu~ so cute maa )
• when he is struggles to do something :)
( go2 chaiyokk! )
• when he cares about me
( he could do anything as long as he make me smile )
• he fight me back! ( hal2 buli ni mmg dye ta klah )
• when he just silent..his face look calm n honest ♥

what i doesn't like :
• he mad at me about akim ( jelous! )
• he proud when Ume was defending him
( suker la tu Ume shayunk wak? ? huh! )
• he scared me at nite
( err..mereng! )
* hahaha.. it's not a big deal for me :)

As you wish : i'm ur first love..and let me be ur true love until my last breath!

words for u from my deeply heart :
when i was alone, u stand there for me
when i fell down, u bring me up
when i cried, u cares for me
even u are not the first for me
but i hope u will be my last
i will keep ur love as long as i can
be a good boy and makes ur parents proud of u dear
just believe in urself
may Allah bless u

nampak nme lily kt ctu?? mkne nyer dye lily punye..
ensem kn? hoho.. tp jgn rsau ..
akim ag ensem dr dye,,hahahahaha


!!+ MiSzBuNny +!! said...

encem2 ~ betuah akk dpt dye . .
akim agy ensem ? hurm , mybe . . tp still ta buley lwn ke"encem"an IWAN ~ lalala . . hehe :p

music box said...


akim??? noooooooo! wekk~ :p

bungaLily said...

muic box : hampeh! jgn nk kutuk2 akim keyh..wekk

missbunny : hahaha..akim is the best lor :)

aqimi cuyunk aqiela said...

le than ar...untng akk aq yg sowng nie...klaw kawin x nak kat sabah aw...kawin kat ijok aw...le adeq tnjk bkat silat den..hahahahaanyway you futre husband memng ensem

bungaLily said...

fuhh! jau tul pkir psal kwen2 nie.
blaja dlu dik..hoho.
lau dye taw rmai puji dye mmg kembang ar :P

shasha-gadespink said...

hahaha,,not bad,,huhu,,em,,anda b'2 sweet,,em,,bimbing la dy ke jlan yg benar k,,dlam relations,,,must trust each other k,,aja2 fighting !! weee~ <3

.:H.a.n.s:. said...

owh...da ade yg baru ye...ermm k lah..

bungaLily said...